Zipper Pouch Class

Zipper Pouch Class


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REQUIREMENT: To take this class you must have participated in last year's zipper pouch club or have signed up for this year's Zipper Pouch Club II

If you took last year's zipper pouch club and have not made your pouches, this is your chance to get them done!

If you have enrolled in Zipper Pouch Club II, this is a great opportunity to finish your pouch each month.

You MUST come to class with your fabrics and interfacing cut. 

The goal of the class is to get our little bags done. If you are not cut and ready to sew that will not be possible in the allotted time.

The class will be offered the first Tuesday of each month from 10:30 to approx. 1:30 starting June 4th. You class fee covers 6 classes from June through November.

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