The Quilted Witch - Cackle Star Block and Candy Star Block

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The first step is to select your fabrics. Here is a close up of the fabrics from the Bee Dot line used the the Cackle Star Block:

Fabric Selection for Cackle Star Block - The Quilted Witch

I like to starch my fabrics before cutting. I find my cutting is more accurate and I love how it feels. My favorite product is the Magic Quilting & Crafting Spray.

As with any quilting project, the accuracy of cutting is the first step in loving how your blocks turn out. In this project, there is not one overall cutting guide. Each section has its own cutting guide. I like this, because I can cut as I go and it is easier to keep track of my fabric and fabric placement.

 The Cackle Star Block is made using traditional piecing and the folded corner method. The folded corner method is not my favorite, because accuracy can be an issue. It is a frequently used method because it is simple to do, does not require any special templates or rulers and it gets the job done. I do find that when I am using this method a lot my accuracy gets better with repetition.

Step one of this method is to draw a line from corner to corner. Make sure to offset you ruler a thread or two off the corner so that your drawn line will be accurate.

Step two is to sew on the line. I find that is I sew a thread or two off the line closer to the corner I will be folding to, i get a better outcome. Your exact sewing really depend on the thickness of your thread. I like to sew just one first to check that I like the outcome before I start chain sewing.

At this point patterns have you trim 1/4" away from the sewn line and then press. I like to reverse this. I like to press first and see how well the folded corner matches the base fabric. I flip it over and if any fabric is sticking out beyond the base fabric I trim it off. Then I inspect the front. If all is good, I go ahead and trim the 1/4" and press.

Here are the fabrics used in the Candy Star Block:

The Candy Star Block is also made using the folded corner technique. The main units in this block are square in a square and flying geese. If you have a method you prefer to use, feel free to change the cutting and use your method.